We have a new outdoor Lightbox exhibition in our Times Square- 42nd Street location!  Artist Vik Muniz created New York City, after George Bellows (Pictures of Magazines 2), in 2011 and now it can be seen at the Crossroads of the World. The large photographed collage is based on Bellow’s iconic painting of Times Square, in the National Gallery collection in Washington DC. By using torn strips of magazine pages, Muniz’ collage technique is painterly as color is layered to give texture to the work. Having Muniz’ s art in the Times Square lightbox allows the viewer to bridge the past and the present, and experience both the art and the place at the same time. 

Image: Vik Muniz, New York City, after George Bellows (Pictures of Magazines 2), 2011.


Matthew Day Jackson - August 9, 1945 (2011) - Scorched wood & lead on panel


Mark Flood 

1. Summer Highlights

2. Ceremonial Center

3. Pink Summer Day

4. Vague Longings

5. Wedding Night

Here is my latest piece inspired by the film “Inception”. Although I rarely do media inspired pieces, I decided to create this piece for a theme specific exhibition called 100FILMS at Blue Lucy Gallery. The entire piece is made out of paper on a wooden base. 

(Source: artistgabrielramos)

Upcoming Exhibition at Zoya Tommy Contemporary | FotoFest 2014 Biennial

Hi everyone!

My “Fragile Suburbia" series will be part of the upcoming exhibition “Loving you is cool.” at Zoya Tommy Contemporary for the FotoFest 2014 Biennial in Houston TX. The opening is on Friday March 21, so if you’re in the area make sure to check it out. For more details check out Zoya Tommy Contemporary

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At first glance, it looks like there’s some serious Photoshop trickery going on in these photos, but in fact, they were produced using one of the oldest techniques in the book: camera obscura!

Massachusetts-based photographer Abelardo Morell has been creating photos with the antique process since 1991, so he’s what we’d call a pro.

Photos of Interiors Made With Camera Obscura

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Germany, Dusseldorf-based Photographer, Art Director Tanja Deuss ( behance / flickr / facebook ) - "I work with Polaroid, SX-70 Camera, my monitor and my favourite pictures taken from all around the world.  What you see: first the Polaroid. Then the emulsion lift on hand made paper."

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